Asthma – what it is and how to help if someone is having an asthma attack?

Very few of us would know what to do if someone close by started to have a serious asthma attack and was struggling to breathe. Yet we probably all know people who have asthma. Read on to find out what asthma is, what may trigger it and how to help someone having an asthma attack?

What is asthma?
Asthma is extremely common affecting nearly 10% of children and a large number of adults too. It is a chronic and potentially life threatening condition Records show that over 25,000 emergency hospital admissions for children in the UK every year for asthma and many more when you include adult asthmatics too. It has been noted that many asthmatics find that there is a particular time of year when their asthma becomes more difficult to control, for some the cold weather is a challenge, however for many Spring is particularly difficult and again in August / September